Whisper of Dreams

Whisper of Dreams

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It is a race against time in a nightmare world. A nightmare that began its journey over three and a half billion years ago and only now is its presence about to unfold, and it wants to move on. She was hoping to still his anxiety by concentrating on another aspect of their research. a€œI was reading about the state of order and disorder.a€ Clem looked surprised. a€œThe world, the universe and all life are in a state of disorder.a€ She cuddled closer; she couldna€™t get enough of the comfort his body gave when close to her. a€œEnergy exists forever and the Dormancy is just that, energy, but it is an energy that disobeys the laws of physics a€“ ita€™s continually in a state of order! Growing, forever growing, for billions of years it has been growing!a€ a€œYou mean the pattern that has brought life to this point, is still generating to realmsa€ba€ Clem thought for a moment. a€œOf what?a€ How do you battle that which you cannot see and whose ability you cannot measure? How long is a piece of string? The tale begins with a true a€˜ghosta€™ story, which takes us where no ghost story has ever gone before.the heat of the day. a€œHe and Ron would make a fine pair, a€ Joe allowed himself a little smile, a€œon second thoughts no they wouldna#39;t, dogs dona#39;t ... Then there was Jon, he was four years old and as bonnier a child as you will ever see, His short dark curly hair and mischievous ways were the envy of everyone who knew him.

Title:Whisper of Dreams
Author:Derek Payne
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2014-08-27


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