White Savage

White Savage

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A dramatic, exciting and tragic book about the Irish fur trapper who held the fate of America and the British Empire in his hands. William Johnson began life as a poor Irish Catholic peasant. After converting to Protestantism, he emigrated to America where he became the leading fur trader in the British colony and one of its richest men. He also 'went native', marrying an Indian woman and adopting the religion of her tribe, the Iroquois. When war broke out between the French and English, Johnson held the fate of the British Empire in his hands. If the Indians fought with the French, the British were doomed. A fascinating historical biography of this adventurous man, whose reinvention in the New World made him the first modern American.He was killed in the fighting against theFrench and his corpse dumped in amass grave in the forest. His distraught wife could not bear to go onliving unless she saw his body one last time.She hired Indian guides totake her to the spot.

Title:White Savage
Author:Fintan O'Toole
Publisher:Faber & Faber - 2015-02-12


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