Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?

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Who do you want your customers to become? According to MIT innovation expert and thought leader Michael Schrage, if you arena€™t asking this question, your strategic marketing and innovation efforts will fail. In this latest HBR Single, Schrage provides a powerful new lens for getting more value out of innovation investment. He argues that asking customers to do something different doesna€™t go far enougha€”serious marketers and innovators must ask them to become something different instead. Even more, you must invest in their capabilities and competencies to help them become better customers. Schragea€™s primary insight is that innovation is an investment in your client, not just a transaction with them. To truly innovate today, designing new products or features or services wona€™t get you there. Only by designing new customersa€”thinking of their future state, being the conduit to their evolutiona€”will you transform your business. Schrage explains how the above question (what he calls a€œThe Aska€) will incite you and your team to imagine and design ideal customer outcomes as the way to drive your businessa€™s future. The Single is organized around six key insights and includes practical exercises to help you apply the question to your current situation. Schrage also includes examples from well-known companiesa€”Google, Facebook, Disney, Starbucks, Apple, IKEA, Dyson, Ryanair, and othersa€”to illustrate just what is possible when you apply a€œThe Ask.a€ Marketing executives, brand managers, strategic innovators, and entrepreneurs alike should understand how successful innovation rebrands the client and not the product. A requisite question for its time, Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become will liberate you and your team from a€˜innovation myopiaa€™a€”and turn your innovation efforts on their head. HBR Singles provide brief yet potent business ideas, in digital form, for today's thinking professional.Michael Schrage. the two most important values and/or behaviors the organizationsa#39; innovations seek to cultivate in their customers. Review the organizationsa#39; most recent innovation asks; what two dimensions are the most transformational foranbsp;...

Title:Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?
Author:Michael Schrage
Publisher:Harvard Business Press - 2013-12-30


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