Whores in History

Whores in History

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Roberts' vivid, challenging, and impressively researched defense of the unrepentant whore, whom she regards as the most maligned woman in history, tells the story of the prostitute with hundreds of anecdotes of bawdy-house and brothel life. Her arguments will engage male qexpertsq and feminist qsistersq alike. Illustrations.complexes known as casinos, and the dancing was augmented by programmes that included music-hall, varieties and even opera. ... 8 Like all Victorian institutions, the dance halls and casinos reflected the strict hierarchies of social class. ... But the jewel in the diadem of the London dance halls was the luxurious Portland Rooms, where the priciest courtesans plied their trade between midnight and fouranbsp;...

Title:Whores in History
Author:Nickie Roberts
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers - 1992


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