Why Are People So Stupid?

Why Are People So Stupid?

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Revolutions, disasters, and office politics. The stock market, the war on drugs, zero tolerance for bullying and our justice system. How can we possibly believe that our decisions are always logical? Why do we keep empowering people who have every reason to take advantage of us? Actually, there are reasons. Even good ones. Partly human nature, partly natural selection, maybe even a bit of back luck. And sometimes, wea€™re just really, really, stupid.When we hire the fox to tend the chickens, we get what we deserve. It isna#39;t chicken ... Not so easy. Ita#39;s the art bit that messes everything up. Every programmer who used those old chips programmed them in a slightly different way. The Fordanbsp;...

Title:Why Are People So Stupid?
Author:Gordon A. Long
Publisher:Airborn Press - 2012-11-01


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