Why Control Your Imagination?

Why Control Your Imagination?

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The Western Tradition is that humans are partially spiritual beings with an immortal destiny. This tradition is under heavy attack, most of all perhaps from neuroscience. According to Richard Watson, biographer of Descartes, the future looks like this: a€œWhen humankind finally faces the fact that the mind is the brain, that there is no independently existing mental soul to survive the death of the body, that none of us chirpy sparrows is immortal . . ., then there will be a revolution in human thought the like of which none has gone before.a€ Th at prediction is based on contemporary materialism, according to which the only scientific account of human origins is Darwina€™s evolutionist account. That is a double error, based on pre-scientific naAmve realism, a view Einstein called a€œa plebeian illusion, a€ and based on a pre-scientific, naAmve-realist answer to the question, a€œWhat is a human being.a€ Why Control Your Imagination? is a methodical dissection of those two errors, followed by a scientific presentation of the Traditiona€™s truths.Those four chapters of his would make an excellent introduction to what follows. people attend in different ways. ... momentary brightening of the room when the cameraa#39;s flash goes off) or hear a loud noise (a cherry bomb goes off or a peal of anbsp;...

Title:Why Control Your Imagination?
Author:Frederick Bauer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-04-20


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