Why Do People Hate America?

Why Do People Hate America?

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The controversial bestseller that caused huge waves in the UK! The Independent calls it qrequired reading.q Noam Chomsky says it qcontains valuable information that we should know, over here, for our own good, and the worlda€™s.q We call it our biggest book so far and will be backing it from day one with guaranteed co-op spending, a national publicity and review blitz, talk radio bookings, various retail sales aids including postcards, and of course the usual full court press on the Web and via email.This is NOT just another 9/11 book: it is the book for those of us trying to understand why Americaa€”and Americansa€”are targets for hate. Many people do hate America, in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, as well as in the Middle East. Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies explore the global impact of Americaa€™s foreign policy and its corporate and cultural power, placing this unprecedented dominance in the context of Americaa€™s own perception of itself. In doing so, they consider TV and the Hollywood machine as a mirror which reflects both the American Dream and the American Nightmare. Their analysis provides an important contribution to a debate which needs to be addressed by people of all nations, cultures, religions and political persuasionsa€”and especially by Americans.Described by The Times Higher Education Supplement as qpacked with tightly argued points, q the book is carefully researched and built to withstand the inevitable criticism that will be aimed at it. A book that some reviewers will love to hate and others will praise for its insights, ita€™s guaranteed to cause a stir.The shawarma (a form of rolled-up sandwich) in the Middle East, aloo-puri chaat in India and nasi lamak (rice with dry fish) in ... Like the hamburger, the idea of America has a number of separate ingredients: there is the government, the most anbsp;...

Title:Why Do People Hate America?
Author:Ziauddin Sardar, Merryl Wyn Davies
Publisher:Red Wheel Weiser - 2003-03-01


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