Why Does My Dog Act That Way?

Why Does My Dog Act That Way?

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No one knows dogs better than author and psychologist Stanley Coren and no one writes so well about their personalities and temperaments. This new book distills his many years of expertise in both canine and human behaviour into a fascinating and highly readable guide to how your dog's individual personality influences everything he does and hence, his relationship with you. Packed with the very latest scientific research and leavened with Stanley Coren's trademark fund of stories and anecdotes, WHY DOES MY DOG ACT THAT WAY? is above all a practical guide which will provide every dog owner with the key to greater understanding of his or her dog. The book explains the specific traits of numerous popular breeds and examines how this affects the way they react in and out of the home, with other dogs, with people and with children. It also looks at variations within breeds and at the behaviour patterns of many mixed breeds which will have inherited a cocktail of characteristics from their parents. And it includes a fun, comprehensive and easy-to-follow multiple-choice personality test you can do with your dog at home which will reveal your dog's innermost secrets and help you to understand what makes him tick, enabling you to fine-tune your training to suit both your dog and you.The Russian geneticist Dmitry K. Belyaev observed that domestication and neoteny seem to go hand in hand, not just in dogs, but also in ... At the time of this writing, this project has been in progress for close to fifty years, having begun in 1959. Belyaev lived long enough to see re- sults suggesting that his general notionanbsp;...

Title:Why Does My Dog Act That Way?
Author:Stanley Coren
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2008-12-09


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