Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh?

Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh?

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A cool Christmas-themed book for girls and boys that explains the reasons for and the stories behind our festive celebrations and traditions. Why does Father Christmas have three different names? Was there ever really a Good King Wenceslas? Why do we eat mince pies? These questions and many more are answered along with a fun make-and-do Christmas activity. Entertaining and informative, the book is illustrated throughout in black and white.In Australia, Christmas Day isna#39;t a time to wrap uI in scarves, hats and gloves. Ita#39;s a time to go swimming in the sea ... the. best. way. to. build. a. snowman? If you are lucky enough to see snow at Christmas, why not build a Santa snowman?

Title:Why Does Santa Ride Around in a Sleigh?
Author:Kay Woodward
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2007-10-25


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