Why Does Santa Wear Red?

Why Does Santa Wear Red?

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Where did Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Get His Start? At Montgomery Ward's! Copywriter Robert May wrote the story as a giveaway to attract families with children to do their holiday shopping at the store. Which famous carol is actually a secret Christian code? It's qThe Twelve Days of Christmas!q The partridge qin the pear treeq is code for Jesus! The two turtledoves stand for the Old and New Testament! And the ten lords a-leaping-you got it!-are the Ten Commandments. Why Do We Buy Poinsettias? One Christmas Eve long ago, in Mexico, a poor boy cried because he had no gift for the baby Jesus. He knelt outside the church window and prayed and-lo and behold!-in the spot where he knelt blossomed a beautiful red poinsettia. To this day, Mexicans still call this lovely plant qFlower of the Holy Night.q Open this holly jolly gift of a book, and you'll find it overstuffed with Christmas treats like carols, crafts, recipes, legends, songs, and of course more trivia! With this ultimate Christmas collection, you'll fall in love with Christmas all over again!Brush some glue above his eyes and around his mouth, and paste down cotton balls to make bushy eyebrows and a beard. Cut a triangle out ofred construction paper for Santaa#39;s hat. Glue the hat to the top of the drawing. Then glue one cotton anbsp;...

Title:Why Does Santa Wear Red?
Author:Meera Lester
Publisher:Adams Media - 2007-09-01


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