Why I Am Not a Secularist

Why I Am Not a Secularist

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Religion's influence in American politics is obvious in recent debates about school prayer, abortion, and homosexuality, as well as in the success of grassroots religious organizations in mobilizing voters. Many liberal secularists decry this trend, rejecting any interaction between politics and religion. But in Why I Am Not a Secularist, distinguished political theorist William E. Connolly argues that secularism, although admirable in its pursuit of freedom and diversity, too often undercuts these goals through its narrow and intolerant understandings of public reason. In response, he crafts a new model of public life that more accurately reflects the needs of contemporary politics.Should users of drugs (to be) deemed illegal receive criminal penalties? ... Should there be drug testing in workplaces? ... The proposal, in short, is the abstract scheme of an amoral academic, one out of touch with the standards of individual responsibility, religious ... carried dangers as well as possibilities: but the pertinent point is that public discussion of its pros and cons was situated in a context quiteanbsp;...

Title:Why I Am Not a Secularist
Author:William E. Connolly
Publisher:U of Minnesota Press - 1999


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