Why Men Are Like Dogs and Women Are Like Cats

Why Men Are Like Dogs and Women Are Like Cats

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Why Men Are Like Dogs and Women are Like Cats is a figurative work inspired by its greatest subjects. It explores the many interesting ways men are similar to dogs and how women are similar to cats. From mating customs to grooming habits, personality traits, and historical examples, the endless comparisons made are both entertaining and persuasive. The work has wonderful ability to humor and cast a novel light on a subject as universal as cats and dogs, men and women. How far does our deep connection with these beloved animals extend? The amazing similarities and closeness in habits, behavior, and other conditions presented suggest an unbelievable level of likeness between the species and the sexes.Bird dogs include water retrievers that bring back downed game from water and decoy dogs, which will entice waterfowl ... Usually, water dogs are highly intelligent with good swimming abilities and a special waterproof coat. ... So when you are watching your beautiful dog dive in and out of the waves, fetching sticks no matter how far out, think about their ... of water dogs are the Spanish water dog, the standard poodle, Wetterhoun, Portuguese water dog, and Old Danish pointing dog.

Title:Why Men Are Like Dogs and Women Are Like Cats
Author:Nanette Charron
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-11


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