Why Philanthropy And Charity Are For You Too. A Book By James Dazouloute

Why Philanthropy And Charity Are For You Too. A Book By James Dazouloute

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Whenever You hear someone asks you for Help in the street or in life, you instantly think that this person is weak and unable to take care of him or herself in that situation. And so you quickly take Inventory of this Brother or Sister, and you also become The Judge and decide right then and there whether or not you are going to lift a Pinkie Finger to Give A Hand or Not (As Most Do When Dealing With The Homeless). So this Book a€œWhy Philanthropy And Charity Are For You Tooa€ was written by Me, to help you to begin receiving true knowledge about who actually benefit whenever an act of Charity or Philanthropy takes place. And the truth is, it is always You, since at your very birth, someone had to give you a hand, so that you would be able to come out of your Mother. Then someone had to help you to be fed and be protected, then of course God had to assign you a Guardian Angel to help you, to guide you, to protect you and to even help open doors for you. And not to forget, that throughout your life, you kept on getting help in the form or Charity, unexpected favors, unseen blessings and even Philanthropy every step of the way, so that you could get to where you are now today, tomorrow and then become great in the After Life. So as you are beginning to fully realize Beloved, it is Human Nature to need help, for God made it that way, and why the Mechanic will always need the Doctor, the Lawyer will always need the Cook, or the Husband will need the Wife to be complete. Also this is why God sent His Only Begotten Son to help save You, so that you could once again become God's Child and regain your place into the Kingdom, all because you and I need help and could not do it alone. And now that you have gotten yours and going to keep on getting blessed in so many ways, you have a duty to pass it on, or to Pay It Forward. Or if you are the one in need right now, you have been given a Privilege a€“ Not A Right - to be helped by one and all. Also this Book was written for You, The Down And Out, for the Homeless, for the Downtrodden, for The Depressed, for the Financially Unfortunate, and for The Little Person who has been dealt a bad hand. Because Blessings and Miseries are all Cyclical, and constantly rolling down from doors to doors and persons to persons. So that all Humans remain Humble, so that all can come to terms with the truth: That All Are In Needs, and All Need Help. And though different in Size and Relativity and in Stages, We All Need A Hand From A Philanthropist or a Charitable Person. People helping people... And that is exactly what it sounds like, one human being lending a hand to another. And notice I said Lending A Hand, that is because when you do that you are actually going to get that helping hand back, just when you need it the most. Because all things are interconnected, and all lives are one community of souls, also all things are cyclical. So what goes around will come back around, what one brother is suffering from today, you too will be experiencing in the future, and what is happening to someone on the other side of the world will work it's way toward you sooner or later. So this is: Why Philanthropy And Charity Are For You Too. Table Of Contents: Chapter 1. Table Of Contents Chapter 2. What Is Philanthropy... And How Do You Participate? Chapter 3. Famine.... SEE What This Disaster Will Make You Do. Chapter 4. How To Be A Philanthropist... Top 3 Qualities You Must Have. Chapter 5. Why Am I Here... Top 3 Reasons You Are On Earth. Chapter 6: Why Do People Donate?. Chapter 7: What Is Charity... And Why Does It Need Your Heart And Care? Chapter 8. Who Gives The Most Charity.... Not The People You Would Expect. Chapter 9. You Can Donate... But What Exactly Do You Have?. Chapter 10. People Helping People... That Is Charity And Philanthropy Chapter 11. Where Is My Money... A Poem. Chapter 12. Get Money Money Money... A Poem. Chapter 13. Give Away Money... But Why Should You Help People. Chapter 14. Give Away Money... Here Are 3 Ways To Do It As A Philanthropist. Chapter 15. What Is A Humanitarian... And How Do You Become One. Chapter 16. Better Humanity... How Do You Do That? Chapte17. What Is Goodwill... And How To Use It In Your Philanthropic Acts. Chapter 18. What Is Compassion... And Here Is How You Can Show It Through Philanthropy. Chapter 19. What Is A Blessing... And Here Is How To Get One. Chapter 20. Love Kids... Then See How You Must Help Them Through Philanthropy. Chapter 21. Give To Charity... And Be Remembered Forever. Chapter 22. Charitable People... And Their Place In Philanthropy. Chapter 23. Give To The Homeless... But Without Judging. Chapter 24. How Can I Help People... Top 3 Ways To Be A Philanthropist. Chapter 25. Donate Old Clothes... And See How Much You Improve Lives. Chapter 26. Donate To The Poor... Because It Feels As Good As Enjoying Food And Sex. Chapter 27. Help For Heroes... For They So Need Your Philanthropic Acts. Chapter 28. Help Haiti... Because It is About People Helping People. Chapter 29. Have A Good Heart... So You Could Be A Great Help To Others. Chapter 30. Give Blood... Because That Is Part Of Your Philanthropic Ventures. Chapter 31. Please Help Me... A Love Poem. Chapter 32. Help... I Show You How To Help Others Through Philanthropy. Chapter 33. Do You Know Where You Are Going To... A Poem About life. Chapter 34. Commandments Of God... Here Is The Only Important One. Chapter 35. For The Love Of God... You Must Be These 5 Ways For Life. Chapter 36. Save The World... Here Is Why Only You Can. Chapter 37. Give Me Food... Oh My God... A Poem. Chapter 38. God Is Good... Top 3 Ways He Is Good To You All The Time As A Philanthropist. Chapter 39. Give Me A Sign... Top 3 Ways To Get A Sign From God To Be A Philanthropist. Chapter 40. My Blessings, How To Get All Your Blessings From God By Understanding Those 3 Things Chapter 41. Ways To Give Back... These Top 3 Are Very Important In Philanthropy. Chapter 42. The Painter... John Banvard And His Incredible Gift To Humanity. Chapter 43. Mother Teresa Quotes... To Help You In Your Philanthropic Charity. Chapter 44. What Is Life, Is It Only Pain And Misery Or Just Lessons To Be Learned Chapter 45. What Is Life, And What Are The 7 Most Important Things To Live Life By? Chapter 46. On My Own... And All Alone. Chapter 47. Give Me A Hand... Top 3 Ways To Give A Helping Hand As A Philanthropist. Chapter 48. What A Day... A Poem About Life. Chapter 49. Get Help... Top 3 Ways To Get It From A Philanthropist. Chapter 50. Who Is My Valentine... So I Can Give To Using Philanthropy. Chapter 51. I Love People... And This Is Why You Must Help Them. Chapter 52. Give Me Joy... Here Is How To Have It After A Disaster. Chapter 53. What Is Happiness... See How Giving Back Is Happiness. Chapter 54. Give Me What I Need... Please Mr. Philanthropist. A Poem. Chapter 55. Life Purpose... And What You Must Do. Chapter 56. Love Poem To God... I Need You Constantly. Chapter 57. What Is Happinessa€b And How To Be Happy For Life. I Show You In Less Than 5 Minutes. Chapter 58. Thank You God... Here Is How To Start. Chapter 59. Author Biography And His Other Books Chapter 60. Closing Words By AuthorWhat you must do is give a glass of water to a child, you must read a book to a kid who can not sleep, you must brake a ... Yes, you must give of your mind and teach a child how to read, you must become the voice and speak for the kids, you anbsp;...

Title:Why Philanthropy And Charity Are For You Too. A Book By James Dazouloute
Author:James Dazouloute
Publisher:James Dazouloute - 2012-12-12


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