Why Spanking Doesn't Work

Why Spanking Doesn't Work

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The author clearly presents the issue of spanking in a clear manner, and presents alternative ways of discipline.# Written in an easy-to-read style so families can read and learn together.Statistics show that the most violent institution in America today is not the federal prison system. It is the family! the chances of getting assaulted and injured by someone else in your lifetime are greater in your family by far than in any other group of people you are likely to be around. Why is the family so violent?According to the authors, one of the main reasons is our belief as a society that physical punishment is an acceptable. and it all starts with the belief that spanking is good for our children.In this insightful, well-researched book, Dr. Marshall reveals:# Hitting a child causes more behavioral problems than it solves# Spanking has been found to increase aggression in children# Cases of poor self-image and depression have been traced to childhood corporal punishment# Repetition of one's own childhood experience is a poor substitute for informed parentingParents who explore this book will be amply rewarded as they learn alternatives to spanking.CLICK HERE TO ADD AN AUTHOR BIO.CLICK HERE TO ADD a CUSTOMER REVIEW.CLICK HERE TO ADD AN EDITORIAL REVIEW.They measured parentsa#39; preferences about two opposing styles of parenting, allowing children to learn on their own (internal) versus a preference for parental dominance and control (external). Of those who were classified as liberals, 88%anbsp;...

Title:Why Spanking Doesn't Work
Author:Michael J. Marshall
Publisher:Cedar Fort - 2002-01-01


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