Why They Believe

Why They Believe

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a€œWhy do they do it?a€ is a question often asked about people who choose to live a polygamous lifestyle. This book aims to answer that very question. Driven by the theories of Kenneth Burke, Janja Lalich, George Cheney, Max Weber, and others, this six-year study explores organizational identification and unobtrusive control and compliance as it intersects with rhetoric, organizations, and religion. To explore the overarching question of why people choose to live this lifestyle, 14 current and 14 former polygamists volunteered to participate in in-depth interviews. Current members affirm their freedom of choice and say they would never live any other way. Former members state they were victims of brainwashing and organizational control. Both sides are represented equally, and both perspectives are given full treatment. In addition to in-depth interviews, written organizational documents were collected and analyzed using Extended Metaphor Analysis, Aristotelian Analysis, and Burkean Identification Strategies. Why They Believe investigates the question of a€œwhy they do ita€ in a depth never before explored. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the reasons polygamists choose to live this alternative lifestyle.He wants us to love one another, be obedient to our parents, be kind, and live clean, pure lives. ... A section in the Adult administrative handbook states: a€œIt would be unwise to think that when it is time for our children to take an important step, that they will just a#39;knowa#39; what is ... This pride of being elite pits members against outsiders, who do not have this elite status and are therefore considered inferior.

Title:Why They Believe
Author:Amy Cook
Publisher:Gibbs Smith - 2013-05-28


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