Why We Have So Many American Problems

Why We Have So Many American Problems

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Seventeen-year-old Jason Hilliard plays a dual role since his father's death and his mother's return to work. Along with handling his own problems as a teenager, he also must deal with the roller-coaster emotions of his thirteen-year-old sister, Tia. Jason is attracted to Celia Miramontes, a seventeen-year-old with close family ties in the Latin community. With mixed feelings, Jason sees Celia taking time she otherwise would spend with him to help his little sister through a series of problems. Will it always be the two of us and Tia, he wonders. Couldn't she just get a little lost now and then? But when Tia actually does get lost in the mountains, while on a picnic with Celia's family, Jason moans, qThat wasn't what I meant when I said to get a little lost, Tia!q This is a smoothly written, entertaining novel of family life and the gentle blossoming of first love. -School Library Journal This is an easy-to-read school story which has sprightly, up-to-the-minute conversation carrying it briskly along. With his widowed mother now working, Jason has had to take on the additional responsibility of his thirteen-year-old sister, Tia. Problems with Tia erupt regularly, as Jason tries to cope with her as well as with his own maturing and his first real girl friend. Positive family relationships are portrayed.We are fools for our military, because we dona#39;t think about what they do, and say. We know the CIA is ... The one we found out about was the U2 spy plane when Frances Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union. The black birdanbsp;...

Title:Why We Have So Many American Problems
Author:James C. Barnes
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-05-01


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