Why You Say Goodbye

Why You Say Goodbye

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If you miss someone, have you made a mistake? What happens when the impulse to abandon a lover becomes indistinguishable from the impulse to self-destruct? For every serial breakup artist there is always someone who lingers in memory, marking out the lost days - someone who embodies that unshakeable doubt, making you wonder whether you will ever be as happy as you were. Number of characters: 10.326I lovedyou for wisdom such as this, for thefoolishness I was granted, because Idid not wanttobe wise;Iwanted tobe bitchy ... when I wasna#39;t looking you put sugar in my tea; because when I got my wisdom teeth out and my face was swollen you ... the waya€; becauseif we were walking down the street you stooped to seem shorter whileI tookevery opportunity to rise up; ... a lecture, inany of the public places I go, I keep myeyes fixed on the door, waiting for you to arrive, soI try to smile, tobe inanbsp;...

Title:Why You Say Goodbye
Author:Giulia Carcasi
Publisher:Feltrinelli Editore - 2015-01-15T00:00:00+01:00


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