Wicked Portland

Wicked Portland

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Tucked away in the northwestern frontier, Portland offered all the best vices: opium dreams, gambling, cheap prostitutes, and drunken brawling. In its early days, Portland was a qcombination rough-and-ready logging camp and gritty, hard-punching deep-water port town, q and as a young city (established in the late 1840s) it developed an international reputation for lawlessness and violence. In the early 1900s, the British and French governments filed formal complaints about Portland to the US state department, and Congressional testimony from the time cites Portland as the worst place in the world for crimping. Today, tours of the alleged Shanghai Tunnels offer Portland visitors a taste of that seedy past.his book is among the first nonfiction books to be published using QR (a€œQuick Responsea€) codes to help bring its contents to life. A brief explanation of how they work, then, is probably in order. What QR codes doa€”the reason you see them on anbsp;...

Title:Wicked Portland
Author:Finn J.D. John
Publisher:The History Press - 2012


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