Widow’s Walk

Widow’s Walk

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When Jim Donovan is sixteen years old, two events occur that shape the rest of his life. His father has a fatal heart attack, and Jim suffers the humiliation from a prank played on him by a group of seventeen-year-old girls. From then on, sex, violence, and the supernatural play major roles in his fateful journey. A pattern of tragedy and humiliation follows him into adulthood where evil takes human, animal, and otherworldly forms, stalking him at every turn and objectifying Jim throughout his life. His therapist, Dr. Pea€™re, becomes the personification of evil, clothed in the soothing role of healer and teacher. Meanwhile, Renee, his beautiful wife, steers Jim back to his better instincts and a new lifea€”and yet he faces the age-old temptations of money, power, and sex, urged on by Dr. Pea€™re. Jim rises to great heights as a mega-church evangelist in South Florida and later falls in a hushed-up scandal that propels him and his wife to Africa, where they ultimately fall victim to mystical and ritualistic depravity. Widowa€™s Walk follows Jim as he battles an intensifying struggle between good and evil that dominates his entire lifea€”a life that is alternately strange, terrifying, and wonderful, where he must confront real contradictions of elation and depression, love and hatred, and trust and betrayal.There may have been a bra and a sweatshirt between them, but by God, he thought, Ia#39;ve got Rachel Feinberga#39;s breast in my ... a€œUndo what?a€ he whispered back. a€œMy bra. Undo my bra.a€ As she placed her lips back on his, he slipped his handanbsp;...

Title:Widow’s Walk
Author:Kenneth Spillias
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2013-01-28


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