Wild By Nature

Wild By Nature

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Scout Cloud: Teacher of Love (sung to the tune of: Wind Beneath My Wings) Oh, you must be quick, but dona€™t you hurry I can still hear it ringing in my ears! You were content to help us Play That was Your Way! You always walked a step behind So, we were the ones with all the Glory! While you were the one with all restraint... Teaching us how to Play and Win, so calm! Showing us how to Love and Give! Did you know that youa€™re my Hero And everything that I would like to be! I can fly higher than an Eagle a€˜Cause you are the wind beneath my wings! It might have gone unnoticed But, I have it all here in my Heart! You worked much harder than the rest Just so that we could be the Best! Did you ever know that youa€™re my Hero And everything I wish I could be! I can fly higher than an Eagle You are the wind beneath my wings! You are the wind beneath my wings! Teach.. Ia€™m not usually real good with words I wanted to tell you how I feel about you I will never, ever be able to repay you For all the words, creeds, youa€™ve given me Oh, you taught me in so many ways Oh, Games beyond measure Most of all, youa€™ve shown me how to truly live life And thata€™s by giving yourself away! Oh, you taught me how to step forward Reach for the Sky, and all who count I took it Home, and helped my family Love is what it really is about! Thank You! Thank You! Thank God for you, The wind beneath my wings!It happened to be a Mood Ring! Yes, we can learn how to handle our moods! Come with me to the Magical Childa#39;s Forest, and find Your way back Home! The way ... Make your own Dream Shield, covering the frame with animal skin. I used ananbsp;...

Title:Wild By Nature
Author:Gaye J. Gompers, Psy.D.
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2005-07-29


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