Wild Child

Wild Child

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Returning to her hometown after ten years away, former bad girl Cat Da€™Angelo dreads facing irresistible golden boy, Blake Wheeler, with whom she has a complicated past With trepidation, Catherine Da€™Angelo returns to Cameron Bay, Oregon, after ten years away. During her wild adolescence, Cat was unfairly convicted of car theft and sent to prison for two years. When she returns, shea€™s forced to cross paths with the man who locked her up, the towna€™s [powerful] golden boy anddistrict attorney, Blake Wheeler. Blake was ambitious [back then], [the towna€™s golden boy], prosecuting Cat in his first trial as a deputy DA, hoping for a conviction [and] failing to recognize her apparent innocence. But Cat has changed during her absence. Now a breathtakingly beautiful woman with mahogany hair and lush, cherry-red lips, Cat stirs up a once-dormant desire in Blakea€”one he thought he could control. When they must work together on an assault trial, Cat is forced to acknowledge her complicated feelings for Blakea€”anger, resentment, and, yes, desirea€”when he is no longer able to keep his impulses at bay. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Suzanne Forster including rare photos from the authora€™s personal collection.Cars passed her infrequently, and she didna#39;t bother to turn as she heard one pull up to the curb alongside her. a€œCat? ... Lady, you sure put a kink in the plans for tonight, he thought, glancing at the tight switch and sway of her posterior. a€œYou cana#39;t walk on the ... Still in neutral, the Corvettea#39;s engine roared and spit fire like an angry dragon, and Blake took unexpected pleasure in the sound. Cat Da#39; Angelo wasanbsp;...

Title:Wild Child
Author:Suzanne Forster
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2011-09-27


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