Wild Love

Wild Love

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It is my great joy to introduce you to Wild Love, this volume of ecstatic poetry by Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan. A true spoken word genius, Dreaming-Bear is this generation's poet laureate of the heart. Dreaming-Bear is a master of metaphor; qeach molecule-mantraq tenderly kissing the soul's qsupernova of senses. As you turn these pages, be prepared to be awakened as his eloquent and alluring words transport you to the qnaked tenderness of truth and the laughter and playfulness of qholy amorous mischief.q Dreaming-Bear's spiritual DNA is powerful. A prodigy of Native American and Middle Eastern (Lebanese)decent, his ancestry illustrates a similar lineage with some of the worlds most profound poets: Gibran, Rumi, and Hafiz. Reminiscent of these poetic greats, Dreaming-Bear's understanding of science and spirit as well as his deep attunement to the whispers of nature allow you to see yourself as Lover and Beloved, in universal Oneness. Through his words we become enlightened, separation becomes an illusion, and a spiritual awakening unfolds. Our layers of identity, stories, victories, and laments to the Self that transcend personality disappear and we discover or our ultimate identity that is everyone and everything. Far from a state of self-delusion or escapism, this awakening represents the ultimate development of the most valuable qualities of human life: kindness, compassion, freedom, intelligence, and creativity. Under Dreaming-Bear's love spell, you will be ravished by qsubatomic particles having a partyq and will be moved to qundress your soul inside your heart's hallway.q Together with Dreaming-Bear we can end the emotional ignorance of the past and learn to treat each other and ourselves with greater dignity and understanding. His work deserves a wide and universal audience of not only poetry lovers, but also of life lovers everywhere. His vision is fully worthy of our cosmic status as spiritual beings in human form. qWild Loveq can uplift the human race into human grace, where we can live qthe light of a billion sunsq and qsurrender everything to loveq for qtonight we dance!q - Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of nineteen books including The New York Times best-seller qHow to Survive the Loss of a Love.q In the tradition of Rumi or Hafiz, Wild Love is a collection of love spells written in luminous word tapestries and divinely orchestrated to deeply inspire, passionately move, and spiritually intoxicate the reader to rise soul over senses in love. Through each heartfelt, magical, and poetic spell you will find yourself awakening to the unconditional love of Source, Lover, and the Earth.A Keg of Stars on Tap In a world of Oneness there is no such thing as inequality... like a lush for Love I always keep a keg of stars on tap 86 will often pour out a glass of galaxies for wayward travelers, as the Sky squeezes the last drops ofliquid light from the tender smile of the sun. ... to embrace something beautiful within you which has been neglected for so long that you forgot you were once such ananbsp;...

Title:Wild Love
Author:Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-10


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