Wild Mushroom Cookbook

Wild Mushroom Cookbook

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Youa€™ve spent the summer picking mushrooms in the forest, gaze sweeping along the trunks of trees and a basket of mushrooms dangling from the crook of your arma€”but what next? With storerooms and cellar overflowing with chanterelles, porcini, and boletes, how do you prepare these delicacies of nature into flavorful and mouthwatering dishes? Wild Mushroom Cookbook is the cookbook foragers and mushroom lovers have been waiting for; this is the book that shows how to turn delicious, hand-picked ingredients into: Mushroom flour Chanterelle soup with gorgonzola Dumplings, quesadillas, and risottos Porcini focaccia Mushroom pie with mozzarella and chard Lamb and venison stir-fries Lasagna And much more! Mushrooms are a flavor enhancer like no othera€”perfect for a light snack, appetizer or main coursea€”and are perfect in combination with fish, poultry, game, and other wild ingredients. Mushrooms are also sugar-, gluten-, and carb-freea€”making them the ideal ingredient for the modern kitchen. Featuring fifty delectable recipes, mouthwatering photographs, and tips on how to dry and preserve mushrooms from the wild, Wild Mushroom Cookbook is all you need to turn your favorite hobby into tonighta€™s dinner.LEFTOVERS. ushrooms areagreatway to round out a dish. I often give leftovers a boost by adding some mushrooms. Take a lookin your ... Dairy products that have been stored in the fridge can be consumed as long as they still smell and taste fresh. This is true for eggs ... If you haveanything inthe fridge with a a€œsell bya€ date, prepareit right away, as it will keep foranother day when cooked or can be frozen.

Title:Wild Mushroom Cookbook
Author:Ingrid Holmberg, Pelle Holmberg
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2014-09-02


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