Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP)

Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP)

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You can get anything in the world that you want, if you help somebody else get something they want. a€”Zig Zigler Whether you are a parent, son/daughter, friend, employee, manager or salesperson, you are constantly influencing others to accept you, your ideas, products or services. Those who masterfully present themselves and their ideas in a win-win manner, get ahead. Those who do not, may reap short-term gains and eventually fail in their objective. Influence is critical in leadership, negotiation, teamwork, sales, resolving family issues and getting others to buy into your ideas. Follow and practice the concepts, tips and processes described in this book and improve your influence results with anyone in a manner that achieves a win-win outcome. The emphasis is on expanding your influence skills and results in everyday situations. For example, through this book, you will learn how to: Enhance your personal and business relationships. Create the career you want. Become a stronger negotiator. Enjoy the family life you desire. Create healthy work environments. Be who you choose to be. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly influencing other peoplea€™s thoughts. You do this through your actions as well as your inactions. One of the best, if not the best, communication models is neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which forms a fundamental part of this book. How important is the ability to influence others? No matter whether you are a businessperson, teacher, parent, stay-at-home spouse, employee or manager, dealing with people is probably the most important activity you undertake throughout the course of your day. A number of years ago, research sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and later confirmed at the Carnegie Institute of Technology discovered that even in engineering, about 15 percent of onea€™s financial success is due to onea€™s technical knowledge and about 85 percent is due to interpersonal skills. If you are ready to be the difference that makes the difference in creating better results in your life, grab a copy and leta€™s get started!references. Acknowledge What They Say I am sure you have been in a conversation where you have said something and the ... In a similar manner, the geographical relationship (spatial and orientation) between two or more people has ananbsp;...

Title:Win-Win Influence: How to Enhance Your Personal and Business Relationships (with NLP)
Author:Roger R. W. Ellerton
Publisher:Roger Ellerton - 2012


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