Windows Mobile Game Development

Windows Mobile Game Development

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This book will provide you with a comprehensive guide to developing games for both the Windows Mobile platform and the Windows Phone using the industry standard programming languages C# and VB .NET. You will be walked through every aspect of developing for the Windows Mobile platforma€”from setting up your development environment for the first time to creating advanced 3D graphics. Finally, youa€™ll learn how you can make your applications available to others, whether distributing for free or selling online. Using extensive code samples throughout, youa€™ll gather all the information needed to create your own games and distribute them successfully for others to enjoy. Aimed primarily at C# developers, almost everything in the book can be used in VB .NET too. For those areas where this is not the case, workarounds are suggested so that VB .NET developers are still able to use the techniques described. What youa€™ll learn How to obtain and configure a development environment for Windows Mobile How to build a working extensible game engine to reduce development time and increase reusability and distribution Tips and techniques for getting games working on a wide range of devices, including older devices, smartphones (with no touchscreens), as well as the latest hardwarea€”all in a single code base A full overview of using OpenGL ES, opening up a new world of advanced 2D and 3D graphics and effects Everything you need to know to include high quality sound and music in your games Advice and information on the best ways to allow the user to interact with your game Guidance on distributing your finished games, including information about freeware listings and tips on creating and selling shareware games Who this book is for The book is aimed at those with an existing background in programming and knowledge of one of the two main .NET programming languages (C# and VB.NET), but who do not necessarily have any knowledge of programming for Windows Mobile or programming games in general. The book will guide the reader through the steps required to become proficient in both of these areas of development. Table of Contents Windows Mobile and .NET Mastering the User Interface GDI Graphics Taming the Device with the Game Engine Timing to Perfection Exploring User Input Sounding Out with Game Audio Game in Focus: GemDrops Common Game Components A New Window on the World with OpenGL ES Creating 2D Games with OpenGL The Ins and Outs of the Third Dimension Further OpenGL Features and Techniques Distributing Your GameBuilding games for the Windows Phone and other mobile devices Adam Dawes ... Listing 6a€“18. Using the _gSensor Object to Read Data from the Accelerometer /// alt;summaryagt; /// Update the game /// alt;/summaryagt; public override void Update()anbsp;...

Title:Windows Mobile Game Development
Author:Adam Dawes
Publisher:Apress - 2010-04-09


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