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Take the mystery out of Merlot and put the pleasure back into pairing and sharing wine with sensory secrets from Hollywooda€™s Sommelier! Caitlin Stansburya€™s revolutionary book will teach you to understand what wines you like and why you like them so that you can evaluate and enjoy their sensual delights on your own terms, regardless of price tags or product reviews. The crown jewel of Wineocology is Caitlina€™s qSimple Sommelier System, q the groundbreaking program that changes the way you see, smell, touch, and taste wine. A strengthening system for your senses, Wineocology shows you how to sharpen your eyes, nose, and mouth so that the information they provide is used to expand and enhance your relationship with wine. Whether you are an adventurous beginner or a seasoned connoisseur, Wineocology will make you an expert wine-know!starts with understanding the relative simplicity of your taste buds. The human experience of taste is surprisingly limited. ... As the wine makes its way to the back of your mouth, some of its molecules vaporize, snake up your retro-nasal passage where ... Now comes the tricky part. ... Warning: the sucking in of air, over and through the wine, will make a gurgling sound and can make your face look funny.

Author:Caitlin Stansbury, Heidi Shink
Publisher:Globe Pequot - 2012-11-06


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