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Wine is a muse for poets and ordinary folks alike, a great seducer and lifelong friend to many. Ita€™s integral to some of the finest cultures on earth. But as simple and lovely as wine may be, the wine world can be intimidating. Many so-called experts perpetuate an elitist approach to wine, with their explanations so jargon-filled that the wine gets lost in the analysis. WineSense cuts through the jargon and complexities wine can present. In this common-sense guide, Bob Desautels offers straightforward information on types of wine, tasting, wine history, grape varieties, approaches to winemaking, and more. His Three Keys to Understanding Wine allow the everyday wine enthusiast and the beginner to truly grasp the subject while increasing their appreciation of wine. The ultimate purpose of this book is to teach you how to find good and consistent styles of wine that suit your palate. Youa€™ll be able to look beyond the safe choices and search for local wines that have the best qualities of your international favourites. With a deeper understanding of wine, youa€™ll gain true WineSense, offering you a newfound confidence in choosing the right wine for the right time.In general, this sort of dessert wine is inferior. The practice is most ... One of my favourite uses of a sweet wine is in making what Ia#39;ll call a purista#39;s wine spritzer: ... There are many ways to manipulate a wine into appearing to be a dessert wine.

Author:Bob Desautels
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2015-01-29


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