Winning At Poker

Winning At Poker

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Winning at Poker is a handbook for all card players, from the budding card shark eager to learn the game from scratch to the practised poker bandit keen to unlock the secrets of poker-playing legends. Written by a bonafide poker champion, this detailed guide provides essential tips and information on: . reading your opponent - what you can t...If a player on your right bets, you raise, and the two players on your left fold, then you only have one caller. ... If you have 8a™s7a™s, theflop is 9a™s6a™s2a™y, and your opponents has Aa™c9a™c, then you are the favorite. ... You are not making money simply bycalling with agood draw, you aremaking money on every dollar that your anbsp;...

Title:Winning At Poker
Author:Dave Scharf
Publisher:Arcturus Publishing - 2003-09-01


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