Winter Moon

Winter Moon

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Eduardo is a lonely retiree living on his isolated Montana ranch. His life is peaceful, until one night he is awakened by a fearful throbbing sound and eerie lights in the woods. More mysterious and disturbing events follow over the next few months. Eduardo begins to fear for his sanity and his life, until the terrible night when someone - or something - knocks on his back door... One lovely spring morning in Los Angeles, cop Jack McGarvey is hammered by submachine-gun fire when a madman goes berserk. He barely survives. Jack longs to move his wife and son to a more peaceful place away from the city, but he feels utterly powerless and without prospects. In their hour of desperation, the McGarvey family receives an unexpected inheritance in the shape of a sprawling ranch in one of the most beautiful, peaceful places in the country: Montana. The family sets out from Los Angeles to begin their new life, unaware that the terror-riddled city will soon seem like a safe haven compared to what lies ahead. WINTER MOON is inspired by the author's short novel, INVASION, published under the pseudonym Aaron Wolfe.See, thata#39;s what all this plaster is, a shell, a turtle shell thata#39;s being applied to my back. When ita#39;s dry and ... Smiling in spite of himself, wiping at his eyes with one hand, Toby said, a#39;Get real, Dad.a#39; a#39;Ita#39;s true. ... Is Spiderman really a spider? Is Batman really ... Her hair fell across his face; it smelled of a lemony shampoo. a#39; Heatheranbsp;...

Title:Winter Moon
Author:Dean Koontz
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-12-06


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