Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

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Vast, complex technologies, countless relevant topics, seemingly limitless documentation of standards and recommendations... In a field as dynamic as wireless technology, how is one to keep up when the very task of deciding which publications to read and which resources belong on your shelf can be daunting? Wireless Technology: Protocols, Standards, and Techniques has sorted it out for you. From basic principles to the state of the art, it furnishes clear, concise descriptions of second and third generation wireless technologies. The bestselling author of the Foundations of Mobile Radio Engineering has gathered together the most up-to-date networking standards, techniques, and protocols and incorporated clear, concise treatments of the necessary background material to form the most current and complete wireless reference available. However bumpy the road may seem, the migration to a wireless world is inevitable. Whether you are a communications engineer, network analyst or designer, electrical engineer, or computer engineer, keeping up in this rapidly evolving field is imperative. This book will help you stay at the forefront of your field and contribute to making the wireless world a reality.The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model was formulated by the International Standards Organization ... In the OSI Reference Model, network operability is partitioned into seven layers and protocols implement the ... Host A HostB Layer 7 Layer 6 Layer 5 Layer 527 Appendix A: Open Systems Interconnection.

Title:Wireless Technology
Author:Michel Daoud Yacoub
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001-12-21


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