Wiseguys In Love

Wiseguys In Love

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You think you've got problems? You could be Michael Bonello, a nice guy who dropped out of law school only to be inducted against is will into the neighborhood mob. Michael really isn't very good at the whole wiseguy thing--you can't be a proper hit man when your mother insists upon setting a curfew and hiding your bullets. You could be Lisa Johnson, a wholesome midwestern girl adrift in New York City, who gets mixed up with would-be mobster Michael and his Mafia entourage. Worse, you could accidentally shoot a marked man and set off a madcap chain of events that throws you into car chases, embroils you in assassination attempts, and gets you kidnapped by a gangster who wants to introduce you to his mother. Your social life could be a big hit, in more ways than one. In this high-spiritied and witty first novel, C. Clark Criscuolo wins hearts with a tale of disorganized crime. Take When Harry Met Sally, add a heaping helping of The Godfather, and the result is a wickedly funny, charming, and ever-so-slightly sinister romp through the high life and the low life of New York--where love is murder and the Mafia is the matchmaker.That was Ralphie trying to assure him he wasna#39;t gonna be murdered, so when he did send someone over, hea#39;d be there to kill. Of course Giuseppe knew they ... Hetook aHavana out of his humidor and smoked it down. This was the last timehe a#39;d do this, hethought. Thenhe went over to the boxand stuffed several cigars hea#39; dbeen saving forthe right occasion intohis briefcase. About 8:00 P.M., hetold his wifeanbsp;...

Title:Wiseguys In Love
Author:C. Clark Criscuolo
Publisher:Macmillan - 2015-01-13


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