Wishes and Concerns of a Treated Asthma Patient

Wishes and Concerns of a Treated Asthma Patient

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Many asthma patients (for which I am one), experience ongoing struggles, with frequent changes in their lung function. In addition to dealing with ongoing symptoms of breathing distress and worsening attacks of symptoms that can be severe or even life-threatening, we also have the added fear of not knowing where our asthmatic conditions will take us in the future, as we grow older. We may also at times, be unsure regarding our diagnoses, as far as to the type(s) of asthma we are suffering (i.e. asthma with elements of COPD, asthmatic Bronchitis, cardiac asthma, asthma of cystic fibrosis, etca€b). Our doctors may in some cases, be non-compassionate and seemingly sloughing us off, rather than offering us the best possible treatment-options and reassurance that our diagnoses are definitive. These type issues are where the chapters of this book come from. I offer them as an asthma patient who experiences all of the fears and struggles I have just described. My expressed wishes and concerns that will follow are not to imply that I expect perfection in doctors or even in asthma treatments that continue to evolve into better ones, with each passing year. You might say that Ia€™m simply offering them (with some sincerely researched information sprinkled between them); to let my fellow asthma patients know that I understand their struggle. For readers who are not asthma patients, I hope to convey to them an understanding of how our respiratory disorders can cause us genuine concerns and place a degree of limitations on our lives. Most of us know how to put on the brave face and to say the brave words from time to time and certainly we should remain as positive as we have the ability to be but as human beings, we all have our weak moments and frailties as well. While we are not seeking pity, we do simply want a reasonable degree of understanding, from our family, our friends and especially from our treating doctors. The American Lung Association so amply states it this way -- a€œWhen You Can't Breathe Nothing Else Mattersa€. NOTE: This ebook is approximately 7, 008 words in length. It is not an extensive medical journal but rather contains aspects of information on the subject that most laypersons would be seeking. CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE My Personal Asthma Struggles: By Jim Lowrance CHAPTER TWO: Do Respiratory Crackles always Indicate Terminal Disease? CHAPTER THREE: Naturally Treating Gastroesophageal and Laryngopharyngeal Reflux - Aggravators of Asthma CHAPTER FOUR: Doctors who Offer Inadequate Asthma Treatment CHAPTER FIVE: More Thoughts Regarding Cardiac Asthma CHAPTER SIX: Asthmatic Bronchitis: Could Some of Us Have It?... Reflux: Another Trigger for Asthma Some medical sources do say that the association of GERD as a aquot;causeaquot; of ... also a common symptom in asthmatics, in people with GERD and in those with post nasal drip and allergies (not for the sake ofanbsp;...

Title:Wishes and Concerns of a Treated Asthma Patient
Author:James M. Lowrance
Publisher:James M. Lowrance - 2015-02-08


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