With Strength and Spirit

With Strength and Spirit

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This is a story of real people, who lived many of the adventures told within, over the period 1937 to 1969. It is a story of human dedication, tremendous perseverance, and heroic achievement. You will read about a news broadcast team, Frank and Laura Marshall, in the early days of radio. You will go with them as they travel around the globe seeking to document the turbulent days of World War II, the atomic age cold war, and the conflicts that followed. Their joys and heartaches will be yours to experience as they deal with the greatest technological project of history and the spy that gave it all away. One of Laura's younger brothers, Jamie, becomes a key factor in the development of aircraft engines for the Navy. His talents are enormous and lead him into dangerous situations that are unique, but were all too real. His involvement with the Navy's Special Operations, leads him behind enemy lines more than once. His missions are simple, ferret out the secrets of the German engine technology and the scientists responsible for their successes. Jamie represents many unsung heroes of our nation. His experiences will fascinate you. Jamie's wife, Betty, was the emerging business woman during this tumultuous period in our history. She and Jamie built a successful motorcycle business in response to the war needs of America's allies. Her journey was made with frustration and difficulty as her tenacity and her capability overcame the obstacles which a male-oriented society had created. Her rise to success was in response to America's needs of the time. You will live the life of a fighter pilot on both sides of the world as you meet and travel the adventures of Charles, Laura's youngest brother who joined the Navy on his seventeenth birthday and on the eve of catastrophe. Through Charles's eyes you will learn the history of naval aviation from the beginnings of World War II and through the development of the jet age. You will fly with him in crisp, exciting major air battles of The Battle of Britain, WWII and the conflicts that followed, Korea and Vietnam. His maturity, both as a pilot and as a human, will be both your joy and sorrow. That he put all on the line for his nation is so typical of our nation's ideals. The disappointment he feels at the change in direction of our nation after the Korean conflict will be yours as well.The outside stairs ran up the pale concrete side of the first floor garage which served asJamiea#39;s shop for cycle repair. ... the kick starter of the old Harley- Davidson, a 1930 model painted your basic black with white wall tires and a red gas tank.

Title:With Strength and Spirit
Author:Frank Ingels
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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