Withholding Evidence

Withholding Evidence

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Some secrets are worth dying fora€b Military historian Trina Sorensen has a nearly impossible task before her: get recalcitrant but tempting former Navy SEAL Keith Hatcher to reveal what happened during a top secret Somalia op five years ago. Recent history isna€™t usually her forte, but the navy wants an historiana€™s perspective and has given her the high security clearance to get the job done. Keith isn't just refusing to tell Trina about the op, he's protecting a national secret that could destroy the lives of those he cares about the most. But not wanting to talk about a covert mission doesna€™t mean he isna€™t interested in spending time with the sexy historian, and the first time they kiss it's explosive. When the past comes pounding on Keith's door, he'll do anything to keep Trina safea€b Anything, that is, except tell her the secret that could get them both killed. The third book in Grant's Evidence series, Withholding Evidence is a short novel a€“ approximately 50, 000 words/150 pages.According to Vole, the idea of planting the Somalia assignment in an NHHC historiana#39;s computer came about after he started working on the campaign event ... but who was now combing through his dada#39;s emails, which theya#39;d managed to rescue from the cloud backup of Keitha#39;s hard drive, searching ... a€œWhat did you find?

Title:Withholding Evidence
Author:Rachel Grant
Publisher:Janus Publishing - 2014-02-26


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