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An overtired intern, Ian McClintock, is into his second shift in the Emergency Department of St. Cinnabar Hospital when he decides to go to his 'hiding' place before his fatigue causes him to make an error in treating the onslaught of patients. Enroute, Ian sees a strangely clad fellow intern waving at him to follow. Unable to ignore his impulse to help, Ian is surprised as he realizes the doctor is leading him into the morgue. When the other intern mysteriously disappears, Ian wonders if someone is playing a prank until he hears moaning and crying coming from one of the locked cadaver drawers. Fighting the urge to flee, Ian finds a member of the hospital cleaning staff alive and suffering from hypothermia. Ian soon finds himself obsessed with the need to discover who put the poor woman with no apparent enemies into a locked cadaver drawer. Even as he pushes the puzzle out of his mind in pursuit of more urgent problems, nightmares and bizarre encounters with other medical staff continue to draw Ian back into the web of intrigue until he is sure he will lose his mind before he solves the mystery.In fact, Ian would have laid odds that the CAT scan would confirm that their patient was brain-dead. The machines keeping his organs alive were just a formality ... No matter how many times he did it, it never. D138E Blackmail or Whatever Works.

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-10-17


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