Wives v. Girlfriends

Wives v. Girlfriends

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Watch out, the WAGs are coming - in the blockbuster of the year. We've all got a story to tell... Jasmine's is the story of rags to riches - the glamour model turned footballer's fiancee has got everything she ever dreamed of - but will her past return to haunt her? Lila's story is a Hollywood romance-turned-nightmare. The actress who got out of the UK and married the biggest Hollywood star realises she might have sold her soul to get her man. Maxine is the girl who cried wolf. Three times married, three times divorced - is she ever going to find love on the party circuit? And Grace, well, she's just the woman who wants to find out everyone's story. A journalist looking for a break, she might just have found it when she swaps London for Marbella. Where glamour girls rub shoulders with Russian oligarchs, and crime godfathers meet Hollywood royalty, when the truth finally comes out, it's going to be the biggest story of all.Jasmine felt like Cinderella in the Disney film, when the birds and animals make a dress for her to go to the ball. ... the bodice tighter and tighter with a bare foot on the small of Jasminea#39;s back; now shea#39;d decided to hand-sew her into the dress.

Title:Wives v. Girlfriends
Author:Katie Agnew
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-04-02


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