Wizard At Large

Wizard At Large

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Ben Holiday, the High Lord of Landover, is back in his rightful place. The evil wizard Meeks has finally been dealt with, and all seems well with the world. But, even in a Magic Kingdom, peace never lasts long. It was all Questor Thews' fault, really - whether the inept Court Wizard would like to admit it or not. His bumbling attempt to return Abernathy from the body of a dog to his original human form, resulted in the Court Scribe being transported to Earth, to be replaced by a multi-coloured bottle. Furthermore, Abernathy was wearing the High Lord's medallion at the time, without which Ben's powers are drastically reduced. Ben and Willow set out to find Abernathy, which means following him to Earth. Which means leaving Questor in charge. And that's when things start to go horribly wrong. . .The garden room was probably Ben Holidaya#39;s favorite of all the many rooms at the castle. ... The room looked out on the gardens proper, a maze of flower beds and bushes that spread their way downward to the lake on which the island ... and took all of our hard-earned berry stores. ... a€œWe would have replaced those that were lost, High Lord. a€ a€œWe intended to be fair.a€ a€œWe did.a€ a€œYou must see Speeze.

Title:Wizard At Large
Author:Terry Brooks
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-02-04


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