Wizards & Warriors

Wizards & Warriors

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BradyGAMES Wizards a Warriors Official Strategy Guide Features: Walkthrough of the game with strategy for progressing through every area, complete with maps and puzzle solutions. Character Creation a Advancement--With complete coverage of attributes, skills, and traits, this section shows you how to customize your character and what choices will reap the greatest rewards. Bestiary--You will meet hundreds of other inhabitants, both friendly and fierce, in your journey. Look here for the details on how to deal with each encounter. Weapons a Items--An exhaustive list of the more than 300 standard inventory items, including tips on customizing your gear with enhancements and blessings. Combat a Magic--How to prevail in battle and essential survival tips, plus powerful spells from all six books of magic.Official Strategy Guide SiAan Rodriguez y Gibson. weak to immediately challenge Lord Cet. He ^ tells the heroes to find the Tablets of Cet within the Sunken City of Collasium. ... After fighting their way out of the lost city, there is but one task left.

Title:Wizards & Warriors
Author:Siôn Rodriguez y Gibson
Publisher:Brady - 2000


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