Wolf Within

Wolf Within

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Here's the first of three in this series of books about a different species of Werewolf called, Hidden Wolves. Christopher Lukos, a good, honest, man of principles, became a Hidden Wolf by acquiring a wolfs spirit. He doesn't transform into a furry, snout and tail growing Werewolf. Christopher only changed into a Hidden Wolf on the inside of his body, he acquired the wolf's heightened senses, extraordinary abilities of strength and speed and the vicious desire to kill and feast. At first he unknowingly killed innocent people. Christopher hated himself as a vicious killer and tried to deny the wolf spirit by not giving into it by refusing to kill and feast, which only weakened him. Because of his denial and while he was in a weakened state, Christopher reluctantly did kill again, which drove him over the edge. He met Tasha, a very beautiful young woman, who was also a Hidden Wolf. She tried to help Christopher find his destiny. Find out if he lets himself die to regain his humanity or accepts the vicious killer that he became.Josh had Zacka#39;s neck in his mouth and shook it back and forth like a dog would shake a rag doll. Zack died slowly; he grasped at his throat ... Josh didna#39;t feast; he just wanted to make a point to Zack. Zack was a bloody, mangled, dead body.

Title:Wolf Within
Author:Anita Chavez
Publisher:Wolf Within - New Werewolf - 2006-07-01


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