Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership

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While our culture aids and encourages men in their achievement, women are often discouraged. Women as a group have not been as successful as men in the fields which have traditionally been assigned achievement value. Common internal barriers for women include low confidence, perceived lack of advancement opportunities, poor self-image, and weak determination and motivation. Coupled with difficult experiences, such barriers can persuade some women to relinquish their aspirations for a career in administration. In various ways, both subtle and direct, our culture discourages women from expressing their intelligence. For some who weather the difficulties, the results can be highly confirming and motivating. As women strive to achieve professional success and recognition, they still feel societal pressure to assume more conventional roles. Although cultural sexism is a consistent theme in these women's stories, so are strength, determination and inspiration.Todaya#39;s world calls for a new leadership a€” leaders who can move their organizations quickly in order to survive, which ... There must be enough trust on both sides to establish true dialogue and this trust can only be developed by the practice of effective communication skills. ... The ideas of men like Henry Ford, Frederick Taylor, and Max Weber - these are the ghosts that haunt our halls of management.

Title:Women and Leadership
Author:Genevieve Brown, Beverly J. Irby
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2001-01-01


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