Women Aren't Supposed to Fly

Women Aren't Supposed to Fly

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When Harriet Hall graduated from medical school in 1970 and entered the Air Force, she was in a distinct minority. As the second woman ever to do an Air Force internship, she had to fight for acceptance. Even a patient's 3 year old daughter proclaimed, qOh, Daddy! That's not a doctor, that's a lady.q She was refused a residency, paid less than her male counterparts, couldn't live on base, and couldn't claim her husband as a dependent because he wasn't a wife. After six years as a general medical officer in Franco's Spain, she became a family practice specialist and a flight surgeon, doing everything from delivering babies to flying a B-52. She earned her pilot's license despite being told qWomen aren't supposed to fly, q and eventually retired from the Air Force as a full colonel. She is witness to an era when society was beginning to accept women in traditionally male jobs but didn't entirely like the idea yet. A somewhat warped sense of humor kept her afloat, and it spices the stories she tells about her own experiences and the patients and colleagues she encountered.to stir up ill will with the Spanish community. He excused the physiciana#39;s mistakes , saying a€œHea#39;s a fine, upstanding young man. Hea#39;s a ... but he would still do things like coming up to a woman, peering into her eyes, stroking the side of her face and asking, a€œAre those contact lenses youa#39;re wearing? ... (He was referring to infertility treatment, not adultery; he wanted to say thanks, not challenge him to a duel.)anbsp;...

Title:Women Aren't Supposed to Fly
Author:Harriet Hall
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03-24


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