Women Count

Women Count

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qIn this marvelously conceived book, Susan Bulkeley Butler empowers women to learn from role models of the past. There is an unprecedented opportunity and need for women's voices to ring loud and clear in every boardroom, forum and organization.q---Beth Brooke, Global Vice Chair-Public Policy, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement, Ernst a Young qAs a business leader, one of my ongoing priorities has been recruiting and retaining more senior women in our firm. Susan Bulkeley Butler knows what she's talking about---pay attention to what she's saying.q--- Hans-Paul Burkner, President and CEO, The Boston Consulting Group qSusan Butler challenges all of us to reach higher, give more, and stretch beyond our perceived limits. One is never too old or too young to make a larger impact. Butler's book will get you thinking---and acting---with courage.q---France A. Cordova, President, Purdue University qWomen Count points the way to high performance for business leaders and executives. Women in leadership roles will change the game!q---David Smith, Global Managing Director, Accenture and Co-Author of Workforce of One: Revolutionizing Talent Management Through Customization q`Add Women, Change Everything' is The White House Project's tagline. Now visionary Susan Butler has given us a recipe for how to add enough women to get the world we really need.q---Marie C. Wilson, President and Founder, The White House Project As the 100-Year Anniversary of women winning the right to vote approaches on August 26, 2020, the qDecade for Womenq ahead will re-assess how far we've come---and how far we still have to go. To become qwomen who count, q women must think of themselves, think of others, and think big, contends author Susan Bulkeley Butler. Before and since breaking barriers to become the first woman partner at Accenture, Butler has passionately championed the cause of equality for women in education, in the workforce and in society. In Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World, she shows how the world can become a better place in myriad ways with more involvement from women. Today's world---with its wars, corporate ethics violations, economic meltdowns and societal strife---needs the unique strengths and attributes of women more than ever, Butler contends. Women make up about half of the country's population and half its work-force, yet account for only a small percentage of the leadership roles in government, business and beyond. Butler brings her experiences and insights directly to readers by showing how they can collectively use their strengths to improve the world. Together, women must envision equality, build teams, take action, and help one another through mentoring, philanthropy, education and public service, according to Butler. Then, and only then, she asserts, can women truly change the world and become qwomen who count.qIn 1899, Simmons College was founded in Boston with a bequest from the estate of clothing manufacturer John Simmons. ... Seventy-four years later, Anne Jardim and Margaret Hennig would start Simmonsa#39; pioneering Graduate School of ... The two also co-authored what is considered the seminal book The Managerial Woman (Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1977), ... Throughout her lifetime, Palmer espoused the idea that women should further their education and become leaders, notanbsp;...

Title:Women Count
Author:Susan Bulkeley Butler, Bob Keefe
Publisher:Purdue University Press - 2010


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