Women in a Man's World, Crying

Women in a Man's World, Crying

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This thoughtful, engaging collection showcases the best nonfiction prose produced by one of the nation's most observant and incisive writers. This collection of warm, heartfelt essays from award-winning novelist Vicki Covington chronicles the multitude of qin betweenq moments in the writer's life. These are her stolen moments in between the writing of four novels-Gathering Home, Bird of Paradise, Night Ride Home, and The Last Hotel for Women; in between coauthoring the edgy memoir Cleaving: The Story of a Marriage with her husband Dennis Covington; in between raising two daughters; in between her husband's struggle with cancer and the author's own heart attack; in between a life full of trials and triumphs, disappointments and celebrations - moments that, as Covington demonstrates here, are always rich and revealing. In the title essay, the author questions why all seven middle-class women who live on her street confess at a neighborhood cookout that in the past 48 hours each of them has cried. In qA Southern Thanksgiving, q Covington reflects on the qfamily danceq that is Thanksgiving in the South: qIn the North they put their crazy family members in institutions, but in the South we put them in the living room for everyone to enjoy.q In qMy Mother's Brain, q the author recounts the onset of Alzheimer's in her mother and how, with the spread of the disease, an untapped vein of love is revealed. Some of these essays were written as weekly newspaper columns for the Birmingham News. Others were written for specific literary occasions, such as the First Annual Eudora Welty Symposium. They are divided into six thematic sections: qGirls and Women, q qNeighborhood, q qDeath, q qThe South, q qSpiritual Matters, q and qWriting.q Throughout, as Covington casts her candid, attentive eye on a situation, confusion yields to comprehension, fear flourishes into faith, and anger flows into understanding. In memorializing the small moments of her life, she finds that they are far from peripheral; indeed, they are central to a life full of value and meaning.Thata#39;s how long wea#39;d had her. She was the blond ... During the dog days of summer a long time ago, Annie and her mother, Ellie, went into season at the same time. They tore a hole in ... In the end, we asked the vet to give Annie an a€œ antimatinga€ shota€”interesting euphemism. We took Ellie, the ... I never did know. Annie hadanbsp;...

Title:Women in a Man's World, Crying
Author:Vicki Covington
Publisher:University of Alabama Press - 2002-10-02


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