Women's Labor in the Global Economy

Women's Labor in the Global Economy

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Globalization is not a new phenomenon; women throughout the world have been dealing with the circumstances and consequences of an international economy long before the advent of the transnational corporate conglomerate. However, in a mercenary example of the tried clichAc qthe more things change, the more they stay the same, q women-particularly those of color-continue to be relegated to the lowest rung of the occupational ladder, where their indispensable contributions to global market capitalism are downplayed or invalidated completely through the perpetuation of stereotypes and the denial of access to better job opportunities and resources. How women of color around the world adapt and challenge the economic, political, and social effects of globalization is the subject of this broad-minded and incisive anthology. From Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka, to immigrant and non-immigrant communities in the United States-the women documented in these essays are agricultural and factory workers, artists and entrepreneurs, mothers and activists. Their stories bear stark witness to how globalization continues to develop new sites and forms of exploitation, while its apparent victims continue to be women, men, and children of color.planning that she would stay a few years and then decide what to do about her marriage, or time would take care of the uncertainty. ... and lives with her maternal family, and Marva spends a lot of money sending things home in the customary a€œbarrel. ... not to bring her daughter to the United States but to keep her in school in the Caribbean and make a life for them there. ... She describes the experience as scary but relatively easy as the border guard asked few questions that night.

Title:Women's Labor in the Global Economy
Author:Sharon Harley
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2007-06-05


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