Wonderful Wawa's Words of Wisdom

Wonderful Wawa's Words of Wisdom

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WARNING: The Believer General has determined that reading this book could be harmful to your faith. After exhaustive investigation, it has been determined that Wonderful Wawa is neither a being of this earth nor a god, but a secret agent of the LIA: the Lunatic Intelligence Agency, for you humans out there. The LIA is an elite arm of the government of planet Lunacy, a world that orbits a very small sun situated behind Antares and hidden from Earthlings. Wonderful Wawa arrived on Earth in a womb-shaped spaceship and implanted into a human female, camouflaging himself as a fellow human being. His only mission: infiltrate as many earthly institutions as possible to spread the seeds of the Lunatic philosophy. As Earthling Buehl Sheadt follows Wawa's every move in this provocative fantasy, thus begins the strangest part of Sheadt's life. He dutifully chronicles how Wawa reaches his wise and witty conclusions through many years of dedicated soul-searching. With his scribe in tow, Wawa continues to expound his theories-befriending some and offending many-while always maintaining the unique position of a qcasually interested onlookerq in life. Enjoy this irreverent collection of tongue-in-cheek philosophical musings from an itinerant wise man, on everything from circumcision to Communism, and a multitude of subjects in between.about how many rabbits a€œthe evil bastarda€ had probably eaten. a€œDona#39;t shoot the hawk!a€ I shouted. a€œIta#39;s against the law. Besides, think of all the good he does eating mice and rats. He actually eats very few rabbits. The hawk hunts only in daylightanbsp;...

Title:Wonderful Wawa's Words of Wisdom
Author:Walter Rein
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-10


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