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Legendary canoeing guide, conservationist in the 1800s, and one of the first proponents of the hyper popular a€œultra-lighta€ camping style, George Washington a€œNessmuka€ Sears was a true American mountain man. Using a 9-foot-long, 10 and a half pound canoe he successfully completed a 266-mile journey through the central Adirondacks. His classic treatise on American camping, Woodcraft , is definitive proof that he was the most capable and intelligent woodsman of his time. First published in 1884, and continuously in print ever since then, this is the ultimate book for hikers, campers, fishers, canoers, and anyone else who feels the call of the wild. With information on what to bring, how to build fires, how to fish with and without flies, and how to cook, this book is still totally relevant in our modern society. For anyone with even a passing interest in getting closer to nature this is required reading. The forerunner of the ultra-light camping movement and the precursor to all other books on camping and traveling through the wilderness, Woodcraft belongs on the bookshelf of every aspiring mountain person.To make perfect coffee, just two ingredients are necessary, and only two. These are water and coffee. ... negress came around and served each of us with a small cup of strong, black coffee, and sugar ad libitum. There was not enough of it for a anbsp;...

Author:George Sears
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-02-17


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