Workplace Wisdom 101

Workplace Wisdom 101

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Navigating your way up the corporate ladder doesna€™t happen by accident. You need to maintain the right attitude, develop the right skills, and work hard to succeed. Author Peter F. Green, who has spent four decades in the manufacturing industry, walks you through the day-to-day moves that can help you stand out, win respect, and reap rewards at the workplace. In this guidebook to career success, you can discover how to develop the hard and soft skills that employers value the most. a€œHarda€ skills are learnable skills you bring to your job, such as educational credentials, licenses, and technical knowledge, while a€œsofta€ skills are more innate qualities, originating in your heart, soul, or spirit. The strategies youa€™ll learn include how to bypass the trial-and-error approach to advancement, dress and behave in ways that fit your workplace culture, steer clear of the dangers posed by social media, and boost communication and networking skills. No matter how long youa€™ve been in the workforce, Workplace Wisdom 101 can help you be better equipped to work your way up the corporate ladder and achieve your goals.... and while ita#39;s flashing, a phone call comes in so the phone is ringing now too, and you are pounding on your computer keys trying like crazy to get ahead of incoming e-mails that keep coming like advertising pop-ups on the Internet, and theanbsp;...

Title:Workplace Wisdom 101
Author:Peter F. Green
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-12-18


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