World-Changing Generosity

World-Changing Generosity

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Most people would like to change the world for the better, and World-Changing Generosity is the book that will show you how to do it. Through amazing stories of people just like youa€”with jobs and other commitmentsa€”you can find your place as part of a global movement of caring, generous people who are changing the world for the better every day. World-Changing Generosity: How You Can Join the Movement of Ordinary People Making an Extraordinary Difference for Those in Need examines the amazing opportunity we have to eliminate the deepest poverty, hunger, and health issues in the world today. Authors Jim and Nancy Cotterill share how people can make a difference sometimes without donating money, and they give guidance on how to get started, when you need professional advice, how the big givers give, and how science is proving that living generously affects our happiness throughout life. This book is not about what you have to give away. Rather, it is a book that will help you to reap the most impressive and powerful personal benefit of your life. Loaded with inspiration, youa€™ll also get the hard facts through relevant statistics and a serious look at where our countrya€™s largest religious and non-religious thought groups come down on the subject of generosity. Dona€™t put this book down.How You Can Join the Movement of Ordinary People Making an Extraordinary Difference for Those in Need Jim and Nancy Cotterill. money (energy) to be happy ... We live in an era with television programs called called Hoarders, Storage Wars, and Auction Hunters, which all highlight an epidemic that is permeating our society: the sick obsession with accumulating as much stuff as possible. Happy Money ... The more they invested in others, the happier they were.a€ If the good doctorsanbsp;...

Title:World-Changing Generosity
Author:Jim and Nancy Cotterill
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-09-23


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