World Energy Crisis: A Reference Handbook

World Energy Crisis: A Reference Handbook

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World Energy Crisis: A Reference Handbook provides a thorough investigation of a controversial topic: our current global energy situation, and what actions should be taken to prevent a crippling fuel-supply catastrophe in the future. The book presents a historical background for current energy problems that discusses the supply and consumption of various forms of energy at different periods of history, covering the evolution of energy use in civilization beginning with human muscle power, the successive eras of mechanized industry and transportation, and our current dependence on fossil fuels. The author explains geopolitical factors regarding energy; details controversial new ways of extending the fossil fuel supply, including the exploitation of tar sands and oil shale as well as new technologies like hydraulic fracturing; and examines the various environmental concerns that are integral to extracting energy from natural resourcesa€”and the results of consuming them.A Reference Handbook David E. Newton Ph.D. ... halfofthe worlda#39;spetroleum supplies have alreadybeen pointsto power oneof thefew availableoptions fordealing withworld energy needsonce fossilfuels have beendepleted. ... The Long Descent:A Usera#39;s Guide tothe End of the Industrial Age. ... Forest Row, East Sussex, UK: Clairview Books, 2009. ... TheEndofOil: Onthe Edge of aPerilousNew World.

Title:World Energy Crisis: A Reference Handbook
Author:David E. Newton Ph.D.
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2012-11-05


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