World Television: From Global to Local

World Television: From Global to Local

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World Television: From Global to Local, a new assessment of the interdependence of television across cultures and nations brings together the most current research and theories on the subject. By examining recent developments in the world system of television as well as several theories of culture, industry, genre, and audience, author Joseph D. Straubhaar offers new insights into the topic. He argues that television is being simultaneously globalized, regionalized, nationalized, and even localized, with audiences engaging it at multiple levels of identity and interest; therefore the book looks at all these levels of operation. Key Features Draws upon both international communication and cultural studies perspectives: Presents a new model is presented that attempts to move beyond the current controversies about imperialism and globalization. Looks at historical patterns: Historical patterns across cultures and countries help compare where television has been and where it is going. Takes a contemporary focus: Uses of technology, flows and patterns of program development, genres of television, the interaction of producers and audiences, and patterns of audience choice among emerging alternatives are examined. Explores how the audience for these evolving forms of television is structured: The effects of these forces or patterns of television have on both cultural formations and individual identities are identified. Intended Audience This is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Globalizatiion and Culture, Global Media, Television Studies, Television Criticism, and International Media.The first step was a€œchanges in the original product to make it appear more like local onesa€ (Duarte, 2001, p. ... adaptations, such as having Scooby Doo play soccer in Latin American promotions of the Cartoon Channel (Cornelio Mari, 2005).

Title:World Television: From Global to Local
Author:Joseph D. Straubhaar
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2007-05-18


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